Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diane Kruger's Got it Goin' On

I never thought of Diane Kruger as a fashion forward celeb, but after seeing her in photos on Garance Dore's blog I was pleasantly surprised on how great she looked! So I started googling her and discovered she is an amazing dresser! On top of her cool style she does her own hair, make-up and picks out her own clothes, now that's refreshing!


  1. I really can't explain my love for Diane Kruger and her fashion sense! It astounds me, she always dresses so classic, but with a lovely modern twist to make the love her own.

    Love it!
    Chloe X

  2. She constantly looks so fabulous and put together, but always unique! I love the pics of her you posted.

  3. yes, I have to agree on both comments well said! she is completely gorgeous as well!!
    I actually did come across a picture of her in google with all these amazing outfits and I was like WOW she looks amazing!!

  4. I love her fashion sense, too! Hope you check out my blog.

  5. the first lace dress in the photo is so pretty , i am not a super big fan of her but the photos of her styles u posted here is amazing